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Fran Siracusa

Calliope Global
Consultant, Educational Technologist
Clearwater, FL, USA
Fran, a classroom Spanish teacher for over 20 years, earned her M.Ed. in Educational Technology in 2012. She managed a 1:1 middle school iPad program as an early adopter while teaching, speaking, and professionally writing for educational magazines and blogs. Currently, as the co-founder of Calliope Global, she loves to support educational teams in meeting the diverse needs of today’s students who will be well-equipped players in the global and creative workforce of the future. Her passions are student-centered learning, global projects, digital literacy, learning space design and World Language study. She has presented most recently at ECGC16, FETC, K12 Online Conference, FFLA, ECG, SCOLT, FLENEF, ISTE, ACTFL, FCIS, EdSurge Summit and GEC. Fran is also the co-founder of EdCamp Tampa Bay, Conquistadors Connect, and EdventureQuests. She happily promotes educational excellence by serving as an Edutopia guest blogger, a Kahoot! founding ambassador, an EdSpeaker, an organizer for EdCamp Global, EdCamp Global Classrooms and Connected Convos, and a brand ambassador for Makkajai.