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Laverne Hill

Professional Learning Bits and Bytes
Google For Education Certified Trainer; Professional Learning Bits and Bytes Trainer/Consultant
Valdosta, GA
Laverne Hill is a retired educator from Valdosta, GA, with experience as a classroom teacher and a media specialist. She is currently an Assistant Professor at Valdosta State University where she serves as the Program Advisor and Field Experiences Supervisor for the School Library Media Program. She loves all things Google and as a Google certified trainer, she enjoys teaching others about how to integrate technology into the classroom and media center.  Having classroom experience in addition to being a media specialist, she knows the importance of communication, collaboration, and creativity. Watching teachers and students integrate digital tools into the classroom that engages students and creates an active learning experience is very rewarding! Likewise, preparing candidates to be a school library media specialist and teaching them how to create an engaging, collaborative, and inviting space, as well as promoting the love of reading in their media center is equally as rewarding. She loves what she does and she loves "sharing the love"!